Footnote 114

Every translator has a slightly different take on this phrase of Isabellette's.
In the original Rehabilitation transcript, it was rendered in the third person as:
"...non tripudiabat, ita quod sepe ab aliis juvenculis et aliis causabatur..." (DuParc's "Procès en Nullité...", Vol I, p. 282).
Raymond Oursel put it into the first person (and into French) as: "...elle ne dansait pas, et les autres jeunesses s'en plaignaient..." ("Les Procès de Jeanne d'Arc", p. 224).
From Régine Pernoud's book on the Rehabilitation Trial:
"She did not dance, and often we other young people used to notice that and talk about it." (Pernoud's "The Retrial of Joan of Arc", p. 76)

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