Footnote 170

From the Condemnation Trial transcript, testimony on March 12, 1431:
"Asked whether she thought she had committed a sin when she left her father and mother, she replied that since God had commanded it, it was necessary for her to do it. She also said that since God had commanded it, if she had had a hundred fathers and mothers, or had been a King's daughter, she would have gone nevertheless."
In MS 1119, the relevant passage occurs on folio 29v, lines 9 - 12 (see "Procès de Condamnation...", folio 29v).
For translations, see:
Barrett's "The Trial of Jeanne d'Arc", p. 98;
For a translation of the same passage in the Orleans Manuscript, see: Scot's "The Trial of Joan of Arc", pp. 104 - 105.
Also see: Pernoud's "Joan of Arc By Herself and Her Witnesses", p. 32.

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