Footnote 228

We have at least two quotations in which she says (or at least strongly implies) that she did not fight, and did not wish to fight:

One of these quotations comes to us from the transcript of her trial in 1431. It comes at the end of a long discussion about her standard during the fourth session of the trial on February 27th, 1431):
"... When asked who persuaded her to have this design [painted] on her standard,
She said: ' I have told you often enough that I have done nothing save by God's command '. She said moreover that she herself carried her standard during assaults, in order to avoid killing anyone. And she added that she had never killed anyone". ( "The trial of Joan of Arc : being the verbatim report of the proceedings from the Orleans manuscript" , p. 82)

Another statement of the same form comes from the retrial testimony of Friar Seguin Seguin, a professor of theology, Dominican Friar, dean of the faculty at the University of Poitiers, one of the clergy who examined her at Poitiers in March of 1429; approximately 70 years old at the time of his testimony:
"And I well remember how Joan was asked why she carried a standard. She replied that she did not wish to use her sword, and did not wish to kill anyone." Pernoud's "The Retrial of Joan of Arc", p. 102)

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