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Modern authors have had a tendency to blur and combine all of the various prophecies and their alleged sources, but these were actually quite varied and distinct from each other [click here for a list].
The one about a virgin from the "oak forest" (which Inquisitor Bréhal later attributed to "Merlyn") was rejected by Jehanne herself when she mentioned it during her trial. The transcript reads as follows: "she additionally says that when she came before her King, some people asked her whether there was a forest in her region which is called "le Bois-Chesnu" ["the Oak Forest"] in French, because there were prophecies saying that from near this forest would come a certain virgin who would work wonders. But Jehanne said that she didn't put any faith in this."

In MS 1119, the relevant passage occurs on folio 17v, lines 7 - 11. (see "Procès de Condamnation...", folio 17v).

For a transcription, see: Quicherat's "Procès...", Vol I, p. 68.

For translations, see:
Barrett's "The Trial of Jeanne d'Arc", p. 55.
For a translation of the same passage in the Orleans Manuscript, see: Scot's "The Trial of Joan of Arc", p. 76.

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