Footnote 655

"Journal du Siège d'Orléans": "This same day [February 12th], Jehanne the Maiden knew of this defeat by Divine grace, and told my lord Robert de Baudricourt that the King had had a great misfortune before Orleans, and would have still more if she wasn't brought to him. For which reason Baudricourt... had her dressed in male clothing, as she had asked him. And to escort her he gave her two noblemen from [the County of] Champagne, one named Jean de Metz, the other Bertrand de Poulengy..." (for the original language, see Quicherat's "Procès...", Vol IV, p. 125).

"Chronique de la Pucelle": "...and among other things, she told him [Baudricourt]: 'In God's name, you waited too long to send me; for today the noble Dauphin has had a very great misfortune near Orléans, and he will be doomed to have a still greater one if you don't send me to him quite soon.' This commander kept these words in his mind, and later learned that the aforesaid day [when she told him about the disaster] was when the Connetable of Scotland and the Lord of Orval were defeated by the English [at Rouvray]. And the aforesaid commander [Baudricourt] ... decided he would send her..." (for the original language, see Quicherat's "Procès...", Vol IV, p. 206).

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